Porthos is the place for Delicious Food and Fantastic Service

The comfortable terrace of Porthos on 85

Porthos is an excellent restaurant – easily my favorite in the city. It’s not pretentious the way some great places can be – instead they serve up high quality food, quickly, and at a very reasonable price. The service is good, the staff are friendly and the decor is fun.

TripAdvisor rates it #16 of 465 places to eat but if it were up to me I’d push it up a little higher on the list. In fact, in my opinion, until someone proves otherwise, Porthos has the #1 best burgers in the city, hands down. I recommend the Sweet Costeño burger – on the other hand, you can’t go wrong with the BBQ ribs either – and I know everyone says it but these ones really are falling off the bone. I also really like the chicken burger – especially the great price.. a tasty burger and fries for under $20,000 – you just can’t go wrong!

Sweet Costeño burger
The delicious Sweet Costeño burger

Beverage-wise, they stock the usual bar rail and wines but also just about any beer you can find this side of the moon – if I had to choose just one, I’d say pick the Fulana from Puerto Escondido – delicious! But who only buys one beer? C’mon.. live a little! I also recommend the BBC Chapinero Porter and the BBC Cajicá Honey Ale – both equally fantastic – though the porter is an acquired taste – like any dark beer.

Porthos BBQ Ribs
The delicious Porthos BBQ Ribs

Now, what’s a great meal with no dessert? My favorite is the warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice-cream. Love it! Love it!

Since Porthos opened a few years back, they’ve done really well – who would have known that great food and service could be a great combination!?! Nowadays, there are three Porthos’ – the original (and the coziest) is at Parque Washington (upstairs), the next biggest is at Cra 53 and 85, and the biggest and newest is on the 4th floor of Viva. Zoom into the interactive map below for directions (Click the upper left-hand corner of the map for the legend).

Phone: (5) 3117654


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