Put Museo del Caribe at the top of your list!


Of all the great places to check out across the coast, Museo del Caribe is certainly near the top of the list. Indeed, TripAdvisor lists it at position #1. This multi-level engineering wonder features a wide range of exhibits that explore the interesting culture, history and geography of Colombia’s northern coast.

Museo del Caribe
The multiple levels of Museo del Caribe each have their own array of exhibits.

Here’s a tip! When you get inside Museo del Caribe, you’ll want to hang a left and take the elevator to the top floor – this’ll save you from having to walk up lots of stairs. The museum has five levels in total surrounding an open center, and each floor examines a different topic of the Caribbean landscape. The museum is packed with audio-visual displays, interactive activities, historical artifacts and books, all centering around famous local characters such as Gabriel Garcia Márquez, the various indigenous cultures of the region, and the creation of Barranquilla and other cities of the coast. My personal favorite area of the museum is the video wall display on the main floor – very impressive!

Museo del Caribe
The artifacts wall – a collection of interesting things tied to the local fabric of life.

Unfortunately for English-speakers, Museo del Caribe is entirely in Spanish. However, don’t fret – just ask at the wicket for a bilingual guide – they’ll be more than happy to accommodate. The museum staff are extremely friendly and knowledgeable – don’t hesitate to ask them anything at all about the exhibits.

Before you leave, head down to the museum gift shop in the basement. They have a small but quality selection of trinkets and postcards.

If you’re feeling peckish, check out La Cocina del Museo – the museum’s restaurant just outside the main entrance (it’s in a separate building). This tiny yet cozy spot offers a surprisingly wide menu of delicious dishes featuring the flavors of the coast. The best time to go is just before lunch; around noon the restaurant fills up very quickly.

The museum is located at Parque Cultural del Caribe, at Calle 36 #46 – 66. It is just across the street (Via 40) from La Intendencia Fluvial, another historic centerpiece of Barranquilla and the region. To get there, take a cab or either of the Puerto Colombia buses (Espreso Colombia Caribe) – those are the colorful yellow or blue regional buses that travel up and down Cra 54 from North Barranquilla and out of the city, down the coast.

Tue – Thu 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Fri – 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Sat – Sun 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Phone: (5) 3720581
Email:  info@culturacaribe.org
Web: http://www.culturacaribe.org/museo_del_caribe.html



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