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Here’s your chance to make a real change in Barranquilla..


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a life-long citizen or a recently converted resident – there’s no denying the incredible change transformation this city has undergone in the last decade. Equally so, there’s no denying the long road still remaining to put this city at the forefront of modern global cities. From citizen culture to smart infrastructure and social equality, there are innumerable tasks to be undertaken. For example, here’s something we need to keep in mind..

..the gigantic potholes that threaten to swallow you whole..

Anyone who regularly walks in Barranquilla knows the pitfalls that exist.. the gigantic pot-holes that threaten to swallow you up whole, the tiles that become treacherous when wet, or the sidewalk that changes elevation in front of each house. Plus, at intersections, you have no idea when to cross because there are no indicators, and no crosswalks, and the traffic lights aren’t visible from the sidewalk. And finally, there’s the drivers themselves who frequently ignore traffic laws and almost always roll right through stop signs. Barranquilla is a car-city.. its a place where going for a stroll can lead to tragedy.

So what of it? How can I empower change?

Well, now’s your chance to make a difference. If you have an idea that you think could improve the city in any way (such as the installation of crosswalks), the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce (CCB) wants to hear about it. From June 24th to Sep 8th, through their initiative, Imagina tu ciudá (Imagine Your City), they are looking for opportunities for citizen co-creation, championing ideas that have the greatest impact to our region and people. Your idea could be selected by the city and implemented by the upcoming mayoral candidate.

Imagina tu Ciudá is a collaborative attempt by the CCB alongside regional government and many major local companies and organizations to align citizens with the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Objectives to find technological solutions to bridge inequality, end poverty, and reverse environmental degradation.

Your solution should pertain to one of the following challenges:

1) Poverty, Informality, and inequality: Strategies to drive citizen coexistence and to promote a general respect of the rights of others.

2) Citizen comportment: Innovative solutions to enhance the lives of the city’s most vulnerable communities.

3) Culture change and urban resilience: How can the city thwart littering and the dumping of trash?

4) Sustainable and inclusive cities: What can be done to greenify the city in terms of the 3Rs?

5) Security and peaceful coexistence: How can the city improve safety and security and/or also reduce waste?

Great! How do I post a suggestion?

Head to Imagina tu Ciudá and register an account. Once you have registered, simply click here to post your suggestion to make a substantial change that will enhance the city.

25 of the best ideas will be selected (5 from each category) and put to the public for a general vote to determine the top 5 ideas. If your idea is chosen for implementation, you will work with the chamber alongside various local organizations to make it happen. You’ll be an instant celebrity, and best of all, you will have directly helped implement a change to move this city forward!

No more grumbling! Register now and make yourself heard! If you have any questions, just make a comment below and we’ll get back to you.

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