La Troja Salsa Dance Club is a Cultural Fixture in Barranquilla

La Reina in La Troja
La Reina in La Troja

La Troja: Salsa, Barranquillero Style

You’ve just arrived to Barranquilla and you want to show off those dance moves that you learned in those three salsa classes you took four years ago back home.  Where do you go?  As the number one salsa club in ‘quilla, La Troja is the perfect first dance club for visitors to see what Barranquilla is about:  color, fun loud music and happy people.

La Troja full of people
La Troja in all it’s Tacky Glory

Retro Design with No Need to Change

The first things that jump out about La Troja are the bright carnival colors, plastic tables and chairs, and design that looks like it is out of a 70’s sitcom.  All of these things might be considered almost tacky in the US.  In Barranquilla, they show the fun open nature of the Barranquilleros.  In fact, La Troja represents Barranquilla so well that the Institute of Culture of Barranquilla named it a Cultural and Musical Heritage site.

La Troja DJ Room
La Troja DJ Room

Old School Salsa

The retro nature of the club doesn’t just end with it’s design however.  If you pass by La Troja’s DJ room you can see the thousands of well-worn vinyl record covers lining the walls inside.  Streamed directly from the analog needle of the record player are such classics such as “En Barranquilla me quedo” by Joe Arroyo or “Clasiqueando Con Ruben” by the Afro Cuban All Stars.  Classic salsa in a classic club.   If you want to get a taste for the music before you go, La Troja even has it’s own online radio.  You can listen to it in the player below.


La Troja During Carnival
La Troja During Carnival

Dance Where you Can

In most dance clubs they have a place to drink and talk and a dance floor if you want to practice your moves.  The dance floor in La Troja is, well, anywhere.  People dance between the crowded tables and in the hallways.  They maneuver their steps around the uniformed servers and other patrons that need to pass. When the bar gets full all is not lost.  The Barranquilleros find a way to keep the party going and dance on the sidewalk and street outside.  This to a large degree reflects the attitude of the Barranquilleros themselves.   If there is an obstacle to enjoying life they don’t worry, they find a solution.  Even if it is a little out of the ordinary.

James going crazy
The Gringos go Crazy in La Troja

Carefree Environment

A great thing about La Troja is everyone is there to have a good time and nothing else.  So it doesn’t matter if you dance like a pro from your classes back home, or you are a complete beginner with no rhythm, everyone is welcome at La Troja.  They will accept you there as long as you are trying to enjoy yourself like them.  Dancers there are used to gringos there and are happy that you are trying to learn their culture, even if you are a complete klutz.  It’s definitely a worry-free place to try to dance.  Most visiting gringos love La Troja and we imagine that you will too.

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La Troja is the ultimate Salsa experience

August 14, 2018

If you like nice quiet spots where you can chat with friends and relax, go somewhere else. la Troja is about unbridled energy and passion.. it’s about getting your curramba on and sharing time with friends over a couple of (several) beers – La Troja is known world-round as THE place to go for salsa. I’ve been there several times and I’ve never been disappointed – for raw energy and true quilla culture, you can’t go wrong.

Mike C



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