Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Justo Bueno is just the place!

I love justo bueno. It’s a small Colombian grocery chain situated almost everywhere here. They have a huge variety and selection...

Take a weekend trip to Cartagena, the City of Passion

For many Barranquilleros, a day trip to Cartagena offers a chance to let go, to eat well, to shake their tails, kick off their...


Costeñol – Learning the Loco Lingo from Colombia’s Northern Coast

¿Pa' qué Costeñol? One of the first things foreign Spanish speakers encounter when they arrive to Barranquilla is the regional dialect known colloquially and affectionately...



Usiacurí – Come Check Out the Manger of Atlantico

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Caribbean, just 30 kilometers from Barranquilla, sits Usiacurí, lovingly called 'the Manger of Atlantico" by locals and...
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