Consider this if you plan to rent an apartment in Barranquilla.

Apartment Building

THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE SIGNING A RENTAL CONTRACT IN COLOMBIA If you're going to rent an apartment here in Barranquilla, chances are good you're going to be asked to sign a contract first and some of them can be multiple pages long and full of legalese. If you're doing this on your own,...

Here’s your chance to make a real change in Barranquilla..


It doesn't matter whether you're a life-long citizen or a recently converted resident - there's no denying the incredible change transformation this city has undergone in the last decade. Equally so, there's no denying the long road still remaining to put this city at the forefront of modern global cities. From citizen culture to smart infrastructure...

Cooking that Transcends.. Sabor Barranquilla

Random image from Sabor Barranquilla 2018

Nowhere in the Caribbean is the passion for great food more apparent than along the Northern coast of Colombia, a reality well evidenced by Sabor Barranquilla, a massive annual food fair organized by the Colombian Red Cross with the support of Fenalco, Corferias, the local and state governments, and many of the most important organizations and...

You Gotta ‘Corazón’ I Love Panino

Two cocktails waiting to be enjoyed at I Love Panino

I’ve passed by this restaurant at least a dozen times and I've always been curious but for some reason or another I never entered. Yesterday, while waiting for my gf at the bank, I finally took the plunge and headed inside to check it out. I Love Panino on Cra 46 (there are currently two locations)...

‘Festival de Pasteles’ in Pital de Megua – a delicious trek

A pastele

This past Saturday we went to Pital de Megua, a village of the Baranoa township, located just thirty kilometers from Barranquilla on the route to Cartagena. Pital de Megua is a beautiful little place that once a year at the end of June plays host to the “Festival de Pastel” an event that draws crowds from...

Justo Bueno is just the place!

One of the several new Justo Bueno convenience stores in Barranquilla.

I love justo bueno. It’s a small Colombian grocery chain situated almost everywhere here. They have a huge variety and selection of food and drinks at great prices. But my main reason for going there is always buying my fav spicy salsa and tortillas; it’s a green sauce made in Mexico. Let’s just say my time...

Head to Zaitun for Colombian-Lebanese Fusion

Just under two decades ago, Zaitun opened it’s doors in Barranquilla and within no time at all, owner and chef Alex Quessep has grown it into a local institution. It's no surprise that patrons keep coming back again and again; like the menu, the servings are enormous, and each dish packs a wallop of tantalizing flavor. According to Alex, of...

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A cozy bed in a luxury hotel.

Barranquilla has thousands of great places to rest your weary head. Use this page to book one.

Intendencia Fluvial – The Original Gateway of Commerce

The Intendencia Fluvial building on Via 40.

The Intendencia Fluvial building was once an integral part of the city's commercial economy, guiding trade through the port of Barranquilla.

Usiacurí – Come Check Out the Manger of Atlantico

House in Usiacuri, Atlantico.

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Caribbean, just 30 kilometers from Barranquilla, sits Usiacurí, lovingly called 'the Manger of Atlantico" by locals and travellers alike. The town is framed around the beautiful church, Iglesia de Santo Domingo de Guzman, and the main streets leading up to the church are paved in multi-colored cobblestones. Usiacurí is quiet and clean,...