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Here’s your chance to make a real change in Barranquilla..

It doesn't matter whether you're a life-long citizen or a recently converted resident - there's no denying the incredible change transformation...

Cooking that Transcends.. Sabor Barranquilla

Nowhere in the Caribbean is the passion for great food more apparent than along the Northern coast of Colombia, a reality...

Head to Zaitun for Colombian-Lebanese Fusion

Just under two decades ago, Zaitun opened it’s doors in Barranquilla and within no time at all, owner and chef Alex Quessep has grown...

See all available rooms in Barranquilla!

Barranquilla has thousands of great places to rest your weary head. Use this page to book one.

Intendencia Fluvial – The Original Gateway of Commerce

The Intendencia Fluvial building was once an integral part of the city's commercial economy, guiding trade through the port of Barranquilla.

Usiacurí – Come Check Out the Manger of Atlantico

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Caribbean, just 30 kilometers from Barranquilla, sits Usiacurí, lovingly called 'the Manger of Atlantico" by locals and...

Porthos is the place for Delicious Food with Friends

Porthos is an excellent restaurant - easily my favorite in the city. It's not pretentious the way some great places can be - instead...

Put Museo del Caribe at the top of your list!

Of all the great places to check out across the coast, Museo del Caribe is certainly near the top of the list. Indeed, TripAdvisor...

Costeñol – Learning the Loco Lingo from Colombia’s Northern Coast

¿Pa' qué Costeñol? One of the first things foreign Spanish speakers encounter when they arrive to Barranquilla is the regional dialect known colloquially and affectionately...

The History of the Iconic Hotel El Prado

Hotel El Prado in Barranquilla is one of the city's oldest and most iconic hotels.
Map of Barranquilla

Map of Barranquilla

Zoom around the map of Barranquilla below to see the locations of everything mentioned on this site. Click each map-point to see...