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Barber Shops / Hair Salons

Barber shops are all the rage these days and it seems like new shops are popping up almost every week. But not all barbers are the same – many are people out for a quick buck, looking to capitalize on the growing trend. Here are a select few recommendations based on our users’ experiences:

Don Juan Barber Club

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Two Locations:
– Calle 88 between Cra 71 y 72
– C.C. Villa Carolina Local 103
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These guys are true professionals, specializing in men’s cuts and beard artistry. Their prices match their experience – you’re going to pay a little more but it’s going to be worth it.

Char’s Barber
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One Location:
– Calle 80 #65-10
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Char’s does a good job – specializing in men and boys’ cuts. They offer fast service at a reasonable price.

Monkey Barbershop 
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One Location:
– Calle 80 no. 70-11
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Monkey’s has been recommended by a few different people as a great spot – they’re also focused on men’s and boy’s cuts.

Coffee Shops

As the city begins to gentrify, the quantity and quality of places to relax and enjoy a great cup of coffee has increased exponentially. Here’s a list of some of our user’s favorites:

El Caminante Café (Click for Facebook)

Calle 77 #59-85  PH: 300 7869129

This is a phenomenal spot to sit either alone or with friends and enjoy delicious coffee and natural treats. The ambiance is tranquil with peaceful tunes in the background and an artsy interior. They have an upscale feeling and prices to match, with a wide selection of brews. The seating is comfortable and functional, there is free wifi, and there are plenty of outlets and spaces to get work done. 

Location of El Caminante

Costa Pan y Café (Click for Facebook)

Two Locations:
– Carrera 54 # 72-17
– Calle 90 # 46-185

For a friendly, upbeat atmosphere and delicious pastries and baked treats, you can’t go wrong with Costa Pan y Café. Relatively new to the city, this company knows how to treat a client – they have super tasty food, excellent service, and unmatched prices. Also, each location has comfortable seating, wifi, and plenty of electrical outlets for laptops and devices.

Location of El Caminante

Getting around the city is fairly easy. Other than walking, there are 4 main ways to get around in Barranquilla and those are Transmetro, Collectivo, Taxi and Uber-type vehicles. Below we’ve laid them out in detail..


This is the city’s official transit system. There are many buses that look the same and follow the same routes on a set schedule. http://www.transmetro.gov.co/


These are all the different buses from companies other than Transmetro – they are the unofficial network of routes that connect Transmetro with less-served and remote areas.


These are the yellow cabs – they are all owned by different companies and all follow a set fare guide which is determined when you step foot in the cab. Always ask what the fare will be before you get in. There have been issues with gringos being grossly overcharged.  From the North to the airport it should cost around $20,000 pesos. From the North to Centro, around $10,000 and within the Northern area of the city, expect to pay between $6000 and $10,000.

Also, on some of the busier streets, and especially in the evenings, many yellow cabs will offer a ‘collectivo’ service.. for $2000 you can get a ride as far as the street goes. So for example, you could take a collectivo on Calle 72 from Cra 30 all the way to Cra 68 and pay only 2k – however, these cabs pile in as many passengers as possible and stop frequently to let people in and out. Oh, and it’s illegal – but as usual here, everyone does it. Collectivo cabs make themselves known by honking repeatedly and slowing down as they pass you, making a ‘going forward’ waving motion in their front window.

Uber-type cabs

Officially, Uber (and similar companies) are illegal in Colombia, but that doesnt stop them from operating.  There are a few different options such as Uber and Cabify – they’re all generally cheaper and higher quality than a regular taxi. If you don’t already use Uber, click here to download it (and they’ll give you a free ride).

Laundry Services

If you find yourself in a jam with no access to a washing machine, don’t fret – they are plenty of options:

Lavanderia Pompas
Located very close to La Troja. Offers dry-cleaning and normal washing (paid by the pound)



Normal laundry with a pickup service available.



There is also a guy who will bring a washing machine right to your house. They usually drop it off in the afternoon and pick it up the next morning and it costs around $10,000. To book it, call (300) 803-7249.

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Most locals wouldn’t be caught dead wearing someone else’s discarded clothing – it’s a cultural faux-pas. But many of us are from other countries where the practice is quite common – indeed, in Canada many stores exist that capitalize on used goods. Anyhow, here there isn’t much, but what there is, is great:

Where can I get second-hand clothes?

Answer: Dos Pacas aka Oscar de La Trienta
Notes: This place almost always has tons of great quality clothes at extremely low prices – they get huge shipments form the USA of clean used clothes.

Address: Boyacá #38-34, Barranquilla, Atlántico
Hours: Opens 7AM
Phone: (5) 3402607


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