Piloto Caribe is a great place to get some work done!

If you're a serial entrepreneur like me, you probably don't have an office space.. instead you work from your laptop wherever you happen to...


La Reina in La Troja

La Troja Salsa Dance Club is a Cultural Fixture in Barranquilla

La Troja: Salsa, Barranquillero Style You've just arrived to Barranquilla and you want to show off those dance moves that you learned in those three...
Noa Sushi and Robata Nigiri Roll

Noa Sushi and Robata – Beautiful Ambiance, Good Sushi

First Dinner at Noa Sushi and Robata I was running late when I arrived on a Tuesday night to Noa Sushi for a graduation dinner. ...
Porthos BBQ Ribs

Porthos is the place for Delicious Food and Fantastic Service

Porthos is an excellent restaurant - easily my favorite in the city. It's not pretentious the way some great places can be - instead...


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